September 2019

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D-d-d-dddo you want to groove over and over and over ‘til you’re dancing in fractals, while your mind stutters happily along to beats so forceful they feel like a hundred cerebral sneezes?

If so, bop on over to the ‘PARADER’ parade.

The fifth release from Australian producer and rising future funk superstar HATENA is spinning into Ʋ. With 200, techno-dreamy translucent magenta records of this 12-track thumper available, we’re ready to deploy it worldwide, to defibrillate the life of any party.

Far more than a circle in a spiral or a wheel within a wheel, the loops on ‘PARADER’ will electrify the windmills of your mind. Forever on overdrive, its diverse repertoire of skilful sampling puts a strong emphasis on intoxicating vocal chops.

“HATENA delivers what is, in my opinion, his best work yet. By far the best future funk album of 2019 so far (and I doubt anything can top it).”Palm ‘84

“HATENA is slowly rising to the top, track by track, and PARADER’ truly shows that future funk can’t be defined by its tacky anime aesthetic, but rather the heart and soul dedicated to it.”Ahero 

Critics are raving about PARADER. But not as hard as you will.

Label Ʋ & Coraspect Records – September 2019
Vinyl, LP
Colour Translucent Magenta
Country NL
Release date
August 24, 2019
Total pressed 200


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