Announcing the Ʋ vinyl record club

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Ʋ announces new vinyl record club specializing in vaporwave related releases

In the 21st Century, music fans are crying out for curation. With so much choice on offer through music streaming services, social media and traditional record stores a trusty guide is needed to help sift through the mountains of content on offer. This is certainly the case for Vaporwave and its related genres, where the sheer number of releases and the variety of evolving subgenres can be overwhelming. Algorithms and machine-suggestions just won’t cut it, what music fans need is a human connection.

In response to this, we are proud to announce the birth of Ʋ, a new vinyl record club specializing in Vaporwave related releases. Buyers can subscribe for a 1, 3 or 6-month duration. They also have the option to swap the album being offered in any particular month for another album on our web store. Guaranteeing there’ll always be something unique to listen to.

The web store will run alongside our subscription service and will allow customers to buy albums safely and securely through Ʋ. The store will host work by both new and established artists and contain a broad mixture of classic albums and new releases.

The first album Ʋ will offer to its subscribers is created by an artist well known to the vaporwave community. 회사AUTO is more than just a vaporwave genre mainstay. With sixteen mainline releases over seven years, an ever-evolving production style, and a vast array of instruments, this Seattle artist and former music teacher has known vaporwave intimately since its genesis. His 2015 album '仙Android' is a sprawling, 14-track exploration of memory, mystique, and more. This release, which has been fully remastered for the vinyl medium, will be announced on March 21st and sent to subscribers during the first week of April.

The founder of Ʋ is Juan Morales, a film editor by profession, born in Holland and now living in Amsterdam. “Many eons ago when I was 19 years old I decided to start my own label. It was called æsthete, but it didn’t get very far. After a couple of tapes and one CD release, I decided to close the project, and go in a different direction.”

Then last year Juan started to play with the idea of picking up the æsthete project again. “That was when I discovered Vaporwave.” Juan found a musical landscape dramatically different from when he was 19. The multiple genres under the umbrella of Vaporwave, Future Funk, Utopian Virtual, Vaportrap and beyond provided fertile ground for a new project.

“After a lot of head scratching and researching I decided not to start with just another label, but a new online record club! Each month there’ll be a new release and people can subscribe in order to get the next one automatically.”

This is accompanied by a web store where customers can buy additional records, and releases from other artists who are already releasing music on vinyl. “In this way we can promote one of our other goals alongside curation, encouraging artists and labels to release their works on vinyl.”

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Ʋ is a new record club specializing in Vaporwave music genre related releases on vinyl records. Every month there will be a new album offered to its subscribers through a web store where also other titles from artists and labels are for sale. The Amsterdam based company strives to promote the electronic music genre and creating a fair platform for artists and labels to buy and sell records on.

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