August 2019

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When it comes to rising stars of Vaporwave, TUPPERWAVE is a name to watch. ‘To You Baby, With Love’ proved to be one of 2018s essential Vaporwave albums, generating a community buzz that just can’t be ignored.

It’s not hard to see why: ‘To You Baby...’ is tightly produced, instantly catchy and with an impressive eye to detail. Blending classic Vaporwave stylings, Future Funk, Chillwave and even a dash of Synthwave, TUPPERWAVE isn’t an artist to let himself be pigeonholed. Vaportrap beats sit alongside lush sexy synths and crooning vocal samples are laid over retro-tech bleeps. To say nothing of the bevvy of features which spice up the album, giving texture and shade to an already diverse offering.

Even the album artwork has proven itself iconic, replicated and embraced just as ‘Floral Shoppe’ was before it. Rocketing from his first release three years ago Tupperwave has rapidly improved across 4 subsequent releases, leaving ‘To You Baby...’ a culmination of three years intense craft honing.

Who knows where the future will take him? The baby with love proves that Vaporwave’s best days lie far ahead of it.

In collaboration with Palm '84, ‘To You Baby, With Love’ will be available again on vinyl as the Album of the Month – August 2019.

Label Ʋ & Palm '84 – August 2019
Vinyl, LP
Colour Clear
Country UK
Release date
July 26, 2019
Total pressed 200



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