July 2019

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Bringing ambition and talent in equal measure, Sparkly Night drops his new album Paradise Break. Building on his solid discography of Future Funk releases this record sees Sparkly Night deal with themes of fame, stardom and loss. Building up a dazzling disco of future funk - before leaving you with a nostalgic taste in the mouth as it leaves a nostalgic taste in the mouth. Sparkly Night wants to elevate Future Funk to the realms of pop royalty - so grab hold while you still can.

Released jointly by Business Casual and Ʋ, this album is available on cassette and download but also on vinyl exclusively on the Ʋ store. 

Future Funk is all about picking your pleasure, so pick your favourite format and take a break in paradise.

Label Ʋ & Business Casual – July 2019
Vinyl, LP
Colour Yellow
Country NL
Release date
July 14, 2019
Total pressed 400 


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1 Comment

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