June 2019

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Five years ago, Vincent Remember’s The Page Master brought synthetic synesthesia to vaporwave. Now, it’s getting its first physical release on vinyl, to pass through your ears with flying colours and sounds that smell like the channelled spirits of hazily dancing cyborg teens.

One could call it an arcane antecedent of 2814’s Birth of a New Day, or at least the precipice of classic vaporwave before it sought new peaks. With an ambience evoking vaguely human shadows that gyrate behind lilac curtains, and a thumping confidence that’s not violent, but violet, The Page Master’s subtle shades will hold you in the cool embrace of bubbling amethyst undercurrents.

Vincent Remember considers it his first bona fide release as a vaporwave producer—the release that all his future releases would build on. By partnering with Ʋ, The Page Master has finally been ripped from the vapor-history books, duplicated into a dazzling samizdat to be shelved in your vinyl library.

Though it surely won’t stay sleeved for long.

Label Ʋ – June 2019
Vinyl, LP, DMM
Colour Black
Country NL
Release date
June 23, 2019
Total pressed 300 

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