|| nøthing || – Modern Living


Record Store Day 2019 Exclusive

'Modern Living' is a bold stab through the curtain of consumerism. Lobby-friendly samples are performed out in the open chasms of ll nøthing ll’s curated consciousness. Noticeable speed and pitch manipulation throw shiny corporate synths into puddles of hazy chorused distortion. Moods are ripped from the warmth of the sky rise board room and hauled out in reverb-drenched handcuffs. It’s an approach to production that struts the line between innocence and corruption with bright-eyed abandon.

Prepare your mind for the nihilistic embrace of sandy snares and sensual saxophones. This is Modern Living! (Finally available again for public consumption on vinyl.)

Maximum of 2 copies per customer.

Label Ʋ, Gulf Audio Company
Vinyl, LP, repress
Colour Marble White
Country US
Release date
April 13, 2019
Total pressed 300