Diamondstein & Sangam ‎– The Ocean Between Us


"The Ocean Between Us" finds the duo expanding significantly on their sound, incorporating elements of postmodern classical music, beat-driven synth, and dream techno into their signature electronic minimalism. Tracks flow in and out like the tides, providing listeners with an opportunity to let go completely; with bodies afloat on the water's surface. While the music provides an escape, it also offers an opportunity for introspection. 

One of the clearest shifts in the duo's work is the presence of electronic beats amongst their synths and found sound. Album opener, 'April 1987' puts an interstellar jazz kit in the room with an ecosystem of cinematic electronica, and the album's first single, 'Finding Peace Where There Isn't' builds to a climax that could be described as Philip Glass going full techno. 

Like all of the music made by these producers, there is a profound emotional element to each song, despite the fact that there are no lyrics. Instead, the notes themselves conjure feeling from within the listener, allowing each track to hold its own personal significance for every individual.

Label Doom Trip Records 
Vinyl, LP
Colour Black
Country US
Release date
October 16, 2018
Total pressed 308