Mélonade – Mélonade

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Pop open a can of Mélonade and let the sound of the Summer refresh you. Blending French House beats and Future Funk vibes, ‘Mélonade’ promises a world of refreshment. This self-titled album is not to be missed: 11 tracks, each one juicier than the last, await your listening pleasure. Cool as ice and sweet as sugar.

A diverse producer with a plethora of releases already under his belt- stretching from Chillhop to Future Funk to French House and beyond, this self-titled opus represents a culmination of everything Melonade has been working towards.

For fans of Future Funk, Vaporwave and French House this album is a must. You’ve heard the old-guard of the scene, now hear the new generation - blending you a musical cocktail justtttt right.

Order the album now through Ʋ and let it be the soundtrack to Summer 2019! Available to pre-order on April 13th from our store, shipping will start from May 6th. If you're a Æ² member you'll receive this album with the option to Switch in our members store.

Label Ʋ – May 2019
Vinyl, LP, OBI-strip
Colour Translucent Green
Country NL
Release date
May 6, 2019
Total pressed 400